#235      40 min 05 sec
Tight-lipped transactions: Degrees of transparency in sovereign wealth funds

Assoc Prof Christopher Balding

Political economist Assoc Prof Christopher Balding examines the rapid rise of sovereign wealth funds in global finance, and focuses on issues of transparency and governance. He also discusses the impact that such large sums of money have on domestic and international politics. Presented by Eric van Bemmel.

#233      24 min 39 sec
Vested interests: What conditions create suicide bombers?

Prof Riaz Hassan

Sociologist Professor Riaz Hassan discusses the social and political environment that motivates some people to become suicide bombers. Riaz also explores whether there is a relationship between Islamism and terrorism. Presented by Jacky Angus.

#227      24 min 16 sec
Contentedly caged? Researching the behavior of animals in captivity

Sally Sherwen
Megan Verdon

Doctoral students Sally Sherwen and Megan Verdon describe their investigations of animal behaviour in enclosures, from animals on display at the zoo, to pigs being bred for food. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.

#207      31 min 56 sec
Happiness beyond retail therapy: A philosopher's view

Prof. Dan Russell

Philosopher Prof Dan Russell discusses the meaning of a good life and explores ways of achieving such a life. With host Jennifer Martin.

#185      24 min 43 sec
Defending the indefensible: War criminals and the right to a fair trial

Dr Kevin Heller

International criminal law expert Dr Kevin Heller discusses the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and argues why even the worst of war criminals are entitled to the best defense. With host Jacky Angus.

#183      24 min 23 sec
For show only? The language of human rights in national constitutions

Assoc Prof Gili Drori

Sociologist Associate Professor Gili Drori explains how the vocabulary of human rights is making its way into the constitutions of nation states, and the degree to which societies actually honour the words in their own national charters.

#177      30 min 05 sec
Delusions of certainty: Regulation through an ethical lens

Associate Prof Fiona Haines
Prof Nancy Reichman

Social scientists Assoc Prof Fiona Haines and Prof Nancy Reichman discuss the myths and implications behind authorities’ implementation of regulations, particularly in the wake of a disaster. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 171      23 min 24 sec
In the name of the planet: Armed intervention to protect the environment

Prof Robyn Eckersley

Political scientist Professor Robyn Eckersley proposes a framework for protecting the environment that allows for armed intervention. With host Jennifer Cook.

Episode 156      22 min 10 sec
Guanxi: Telling apart gifts from bribes when doing business in Asia

Assoc Prof Peter Verhezen

Associate Professor Peter Verhezen explains how cultural understandings of gift giving practices differs across regions, and that Western companies and people doing business in Asian countries need to be aware of the grey area that lies between the offering of gifts and the offering of bribes.

Episode 108      20 min 12 sec
Intellectualizing infidelity: A feminist remix

Dr Lauren Rosewarne

Political scientist Dr Lauren Rosewarne combines the academic and personal in a critical, feminist examination of being the ìother womanî in a affair with a married man. With host Jennifer Cook.